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The conducted electron microscopic analysis confirms that the basis of viagra online is the proliferation of Langerhans cells.

In addition, immunological studies have shown that there is some functional defect in the mononuclear phagocytic system of patients with histiocytosis X, who also have incomplete preservation of cellular immunity due to unchanged neutrophils. Hand-Sch├╝ller-Christian disease, in most cases, is preceded by trauma, as well as viral infections such as influenza, chickenpox, and measles. Several family members have also been reported, possibly indicating exposure to hereditary factors.



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Basically, the Hand-Schuller-Christian disease is observed in children aged four to five years. However, cases have also been reported in adults. Cases of congenital Hand-Schuller-Christian disease have previously been described, with all newborns having skin rashes characteristic of sildenafil pills. So, in patients suffering from this disease, yellowish-brown, papular and erosive-ulcerative elements are observed, which can be observed on the skin of the face, trunk, and also in the axillary regions. It is also possible the appearance of exudative-infiltrative lesions of a red-brown color.

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In addition, lesions of the oral mucosa were observed, which were accompanied by painful sensations. In this case, swelling of the gums is traced, as well as loosening and loss of teeth. Most often, patients also have signs of baldness or sudden hair loss. Bone destruction manifests itself in the form of viagra pills large and small defects, which are expressed in bizarre forms.

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Modifications also apply to the blood of patients, as many have had anemia, leukocytosis, eosinophilia, monocytosis, as well as elevated cholesterol levels. The disease in 20-25% of cases is fatal, in other cases, patients fully or partially recover. With the introduction of cytostatics and corticosteroids, the patient's chances of recovery increase dramatically.

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Small doses of viagra pills - prescribed for modification and damage to the bones; Introduction of corticosteroid hormones; Chemotherapy; The use of prednisolone and prospidin; Diet. Handbook of dermato-venereologist.


  • Etiology and pathogenesis have not been established. It is considered as a chronic form of reticulo-histiocytosis with a secondary violation of cholesterol metabolism
  • Children of early age are ill, boys are a little bit more often
  • Serum lipid content is usually normal. Subjective disorders are usually absent. The course is chronic, long-term, with temporary remissions and relapses


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Fat-restricted diet rich in protein. Corticosteroid drugs (0.5-1 mg of prednisolone per 1 kg of weight), sometimes in combination with antibiotics, and with insufficient effect - with 6-mercaptopurine, in medium doses; thyroidin, dianobol, vitamins; with diabetes - adiurecrine in the nose 0.02-0.03 g per reception. calcium pantothenate. Local radiotherapy. Patients are subject to dispensary observation. Hand-Schuller-Christian disease.

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Children 7-10 years old are ill. Long before pronounced clinical manifestations, generalized catarrhal gingivitis and tooth mobility appear in the oral cavity; on the skin - rashes. During the height of the disease, it is typical - polyuria (diabetes insipidus), exophthalmos, lymphadenitis, enlarged spleen, multiple lesions of the cranial and other bones of the skeleton.

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In the oral cavity - ulcerative necrotic gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal pockets, root exposure, tooth mobility.
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An orange-yellow plaque on the teeth and ulcerated gums is characteristic, as the collapsing reticulocytes are colored. X-ray and blood changes are similar to the previous disease.

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